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Why I Root Android Phone, Root Advantages Benefits

Why I Root Android Phone, Root Advantages Benefits
Why I Root Android Phone, Root Advantages Benefits

Hi TechAndRoot Lovers, As you seen the title of this post, many people are wants to know before rooting their smartphone like android “Why I Root Android Phone”. Therefore we are here for them who look for their answers of Why I Root My Android Phone. Let’s get start to our topic.

Android Phones are based on Linux Kernel, So from the start users are interested in gaining root access to make changes, makes modifications and do graft on new features. In the past, there were very simple steps to root their phones because they are based on the Android 1.1 to 4.4.2. But the latest android phones are based on Nougat 7.

On June 30, 2016, Google announced that N’s release name would be “Nougat“; it was also confirmed that Nougat would be version 7.0 of Android. Resource From Wikipedia

How To Root Android Mobiles.

Before we discuss about Why I Root Android Phone,
Here are some great methods to Root Android Mobiles in one click with or without computer. If you want to Root your device then i Suggest you first read the benefits of Why i root android mobile…. Here Is A Great Tool To Root Your Device in Minutes Without Pc How To Root Android Mobiles

Why I Root Android Phone.

There are some great benefits of rooting your device. List of the benefits is listed bellow. Have some good thoughts :p

1. Truly Own Your Device

Yes. After rooting android mobile, you have Truly Own Your Device. And after that you can do any thing wants to do with it. Certain manufacturers and carriers try to keep that, but with root access, you truly own your device and open yourself up to all the possibilities other parties try to block.

2. Flash a Custom ROM

Okay, so you probably ready to know about this one. This is the main benefit of rooting Android mobile. A custom ROM is basically a custom version of Android, and it truly changes how you use your phone. You can upgrade your Android device to the latest version of Android software.

3. Flash a Custom Kernel

Some of Android’s tweaks require a custom kernel, which you can only flash with a rooted device. The kernel is responsible for helping your apps communicate with the hardware of your phone, which means a custom kernel can give you better user performance, better battery life, and even extra features like WiFi tethering (on unsupported phones), faster battery charging, and lots more.

4. Tweak the Dark Corners of Android

If you’re the kind of person that likes to fiddle with every little feature—both on the surface and under the hood—rooting is for you. Whether you want to customize your keyboard layout with something like Keyboard Manager or give yourself faster scrolling, improved multitasking, and extra themes with Pimp My ROM, rooting gives you the power to tweak just about any corner you can think about.

5. Remove Built-in Apps

Yes, after rooting your cell phone, you will able to do so. You can uninstall apps that were pre-installed in the Android smartphones. Removing Built-in apps is only possible with the help of root. Learn more about Root Android Mobiles

6. Back Up Your Phone for Seamless Transitions.

When you move to a new Android mobile or restore your device to Factory Reset for any reason. you can make your life a lot easier by backing up your apps and settings first. That way, you can get your entire setup back in just a few taps.

7. Block Ads in Any App.

We of all people understand the need of ads. It’s how we make money. But ads can also get in the way and use up data. If you want to block ads in certain apps or on certain devices, rooting is by far the best way to do so.

8. Boost Your Phone’s Speed and Battery Life

You can do a lot of things to speed up your phone and boost its battery life without rooting, but with root, you have even more power. For example, with an app like SetCPU you can over-clock your phone for better performance, or under-clock it for better battery life. You can also use an app like Greenify to automatically hibernate apps you aren’t using.

9. Automate Everything in Device

You’ve probably heard of Tasker App that automates just about anything on your phone. You don’t need to root your phone to use it. But if you’re root, it can do everything extraordinary. Certain tasks, like toggling 3G, GPS, changing CPU speed, turning the screen on, and others require root access. So, if you want to get the full benefit of an app like Tasker, you’ll definitely want to root your phone.

10. Unlock Hidden Features and Install “Incompatible” Apps

Sometimes, even Android isn’t open enough to give you some of the features you want. Either an app is blocked by carriers, hacks into Android’s system files, or otherwise isn’t available. Luckily, rooting can help with that. You can install carrier-blocked apps, get features from the latest version of Android, make incompatible apps compatible, power up your hardware, get features like Beats Audio from other phones, or emulate exclusive features like those on the Moto X. Whatever you want, rooting gives you the power to do a lot more.

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Final Words:

In this post we discuss about Why I Root Android Phone“.  and We discuss Rooting Advantages, Benefits. If You Know Any Special Benefit of Rooting device, Then please comment. We Always Appreciate Our Commenters. Have A Great Day…



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