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A List of Baby Names that You Need to Avoid

A list of Baby Names

Generally, I’m not one to judge infant names. In all honesty, my children have fairly special center names, too (but that’s a story for another time). Selecting a name for the kid is an intensely personal form of expression, and after carrying these suckers around in our bellies for nine months, we’ve got the right to select whatever name we need — from severe, to spiritual, to downright absurd.

So I in regards to baby names that are odd, however, I will acknowledge the trend could be a little much. Together with boy Saint and kid North West, West win the baby titles award, on the star frontKanye. However, it gets weirder. Much. Weirder. After Googling a few things such as, “odd baby names” and “bizarre child titles,” I stumbled upon the strangest of the weird names. Or, at least, I thought they were bizarre. Perhaps your kid Dorcas was called by you. If so, please clarify in the remarks!

1) Ajax:

Even if you’re able to handle, briefly, not to consider the household cleaner, then this Greek mythology name describes Ajax Telamon, a brave warrior who killed himself in a fit of jealousy when he did not get what he desired. A great role model for toddlers

2) Cougar:

This one appears to have cropped up as a boy’s name lately. Hey, parents have the decency to name male kids Cougar. I pity the 45-year-old girl.

3) Dorcas:

For reals. It is an old name. But seriously, who wants their child’s nickname?

4) Draper:

A little MadMen were watched by somebody. Hopefully, Don Jrs’ new round will not be womanizers that are alcoholic.



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